Version 2.2 Released

Posted on by Jan

RailControl Pro version 2.2 was almost ready for release when CS3 software version 2.5 was unleashed by Märklin. Since RailControl Pro wasn’t compatible out of the box, I decided to finish off the last things for 2.2 over the weekend and include the necessary fixes for the new CS3 software as well.

So, let’s have a look at what’s new in RailControl Pro:

Backup Management

The most significant feature in this release is backup management. Now you can create, upload, download, restore, and delete CS3 backups right from RailControl Pro. CS2 backups can only be downloaded, due to the system’s restrictions.

Screenshot of CS3 Backup Management on iPhone.
Create a new backup or manage existing backups.

Article Filter

Larger layouts tend to have hundreds of articles. In that case, finding the right article was pretty hard. This should be much improved now. The article type buttons on top of the screen will update the list. On top of that, the sort options are now accessible right from Articles. No need to go to Settings anymore. Small change, big improvement!

Screenshot of filtering and sorting articles on iPad.
Filter and sort articles right from the article overview.

Support for CS3 Software Version 2.5

As explained in my previous blog post, this new version is a pretty big deal for RailControl Pro, since it enables access to Control Desk-style Track Diagrams. I’ve already included experimental (read: rudimentary) support for them in this release. Needless to say, my focus will be on full support for the next version of RailControl Pro.

Other than that, a bunch of other annoying issues are fixed as well, especially for window management on macOS. Feel free to have a look at the Release Notes. Update now available from the App Store. Have fun!