Version 2.1 Released

Posted on by Jan

RailControl Pro Version 2 has been out for about a week now, and here’s the next version already. Today’s update mainly brings welcome improvements to the Track Diagram on CS3.

I’ve fixed a lot of small annoyances, but let’s take a closer look at the biggest improvement: the visual representation of digital and mfx turntables.

Controlling a mfx turntable on Central Station 3 Track Diagram with RailControl Pro

Version 2 brought support for turntables. This basically means you can control them by tapping on the item in Articles or on the Track Diagram. A sheet will come up to choose the new state, e.g., a track. However, the way the turntable was represented in Articles and on the Track Diagram didn’t make it really clear that you were dealing with a turntable. For example, the icon could be a huge stop sign when the status was “stop.” This has vastly improved in this version.

Turntables now always look like turntables, and the position of the bridge will be accurately represented in the icon. Like Märklin does on CS3, but in my honest and humble opinion, it looks even better in RailControl Pro. In Articles, there’s now a little state indicator next to the icon. And on the Track Diagram, the whole turntable is interactive. Tap on the center part to reveal all controls, or tap on an individual track number for direct manipulation. In both cases, there’s a small animation telling you when the turntable will change its position.

For k84-controlled turntables and transfer tables, I’ve added a custom icon as well. The only difference is that for these Articles, the current track position is not displayed, as it is not known.

That’s it for today! Feel free to have a look at the other improvements and contact me with all your remarks, ideas, or issues.