I've bought a CS2

Posted on by Jan

The majority of the emails I receive from people stumbling upon RailControl Pro consist of only one question: “Does this app support Märklin CS2?”

Over time, I’ve saved a standard reply for it:

Unfortunately, RailControl Pro only supports Märklin CS3 at the moment, but this might change in the future.

Well, I think we’re approaching the future because I’ve bought a CS2!

The CS2 I bought

And this is it, or at least the box. It’s the first version of the CS2, art. nr. 60213, which has a few known issues. My reasoning is that if I get RailControl Pro working with this one, it should also work with the newer CS2’s.

I’m not sure yet when it will arrive. I bought it from a live auction in Germany, and the auction house is rather slow, but it’s on the way.

Converting the most essential parts of the code base to support CS2 will take some time and testing, so I can’t give any timing on that just yet. Furthermore, supporting the upcoming WLAN Receiver Box, and the features I’m working on right now have priority.