Version 1.3 Released

Posted on by Jan

I’m happy to announce that RailControl Pro 1.3 is out the door. As the version number suggests, this is more than just a bug fix update. Let’s take a look at the new features in this release.

A Brand New Speed Slider

The new speed slider

This improvement has been long overdue. I experimented with speed controls in release 1.2 already, and this update builds on that. Quite literally: with a setting, you can now display the +/- speed buttons on top of the slider.

Which brings us to the slider… The default slider provided by iOS or macOS was never a good fit. It was too small, hard to grab, and didn’t react well. The new speed slider is built from scratch and solves these issues.

The new slider is big, with an easy-to-grab knob. It slides smoothly, with haptic feedback along the way. It looks pretty cool, too, with bold red pinstripes. As a bonus, you can tap anywhere on the drag zone to make it move.

Improved Support for Game Controllers

A game controller connected to a loc

This was a feature requested a few times by some of you, and to be honest, the original game controller implementation was a bit lacking.

Ever since version 1.0, RailControl Pro has had support for a game controller. When you connected a game controller to your device, it would only control the active loc in the app, which wasn’t very flexible.

So what’s changed? Now, it’s possible to control up to four locs with game controllers, all connected to a single iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Since a game controller is assigned to a loc, the person using the app on their device can still control any loc available at the same time. And before you ask why four, well, that’s the maximum number of game controllers you can connect to your Apple device.

If you’re interested in how this all works in detail, read this support article about it.

I’m very happy with how this release turned out. I fixed a few more things, and hopefully, I didn’t break too many things. I’d love to get your feedback, so feel free to send a message with your thoughts.

In the meantime, I’m busy preparing the next release, which will be all about editing. Stay tuned!